About Cloud 9 Classics

Roy Podolin took his passion for cars, along with 28 years of automobile/retail business experience, and launched Cloud 9 Classics, LLC in March, 2010. His goal and mission was simple … to build a business that goes over and beyond the ordinary car buying experience and focuses on helping other car enthusiasts find their dream car, whether it’s a classic, muscle or specialty vehicle.

Roy’s passion for cars was sparked by his father who enjoyed a variety of cars and took Roy to the car shows at a young age. Starting at age 12, Roy scoured newspaper auto classifieds and circled car ads that looked like great cars or great deals. Sundays were spent driving around looking at cars and occasionally buying a few that his family would drive, enjoy, and eventually sell to make room for another fun vehicle. When Roy turned 16, he saved up enough money to buy his first car, a 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe. He owned that car for about a year before selling it at a small profit and buying another 1966 Mustang. After graduating from college, Roy worked for a major retailer before launching his own retail operation. Married with 3 daughters, he eventually moved to Atlanta, GA and bought a 1969 Chevelle SS to enjoy with his family. Over the next few years, Roy bought and sold over 50 cars worldwide. He realized that the rare opportunity to combine his passion with his business was driving his success. In 2010, he turned his hobby into an enterprise and launched Cloud 9 Classics.