Cloud 9 Classics is Proud to be the Exclusive East Coast Dealer for Vintage Motorcars of California.

Porsche 356 Speedster Replicas

In addition to offering used 356 Speedster Replicas from various builders, Cloud 9 Classics is proud to be the Exclusive East Coast Dealer for Vintage Motorcars of California offering a top quality 356 Speedster Replica that can be custom ordered in the colors and options of the buyers dreams. Vintage Motorcars has been building 550 Spyder Replicas since the mid 1990’s and took the opportunity to expand into the former location of Vintage Speedster when that company was sold and moved to Arizona. They designed and are building their own Speedster bodies in-house and they hired back many of the craftsman who had been building these cars for years.

They also took the build quality up several notches. Their motto is “Quality over Quantity” which truly aligns with our philosophy here at Cloud 9 Classics. While we try to keep a few new cars in inventory, the popularity of these cars has skyrocketed and our inventory seems to sell before it ever hits the showroom floor.

We offer several motor options ranging from a 1914cc or 2332cc air cooled engine to a fuel injected, water cooled 2.5L DOHC 195 hp Subaru motor. Our cars come standard with features like 4 wheel disc brakes, electronic ignition, external oil coolers, heated seats, and much more. If you are interested in finding out more about these awesome Speedster Replicas feel free to call Roy at 770-359-8400. We will also be offering the 550 Spyder Replicas and 356 Coupes in the not so distant future….stay tuned.